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DayZ gets XBox launch update

By Chris Post

Bohemia Interactive has released the Xbox Launch Update 1.01 for its zombie shooter ‘DayZ,’ marking the company’s departure from the Xbox Game Preview version of the game.

“It is the first in a series of free platform updates that are going to be released throughout the year, to further improve the DayZ experience,” said Bohemia Interactive Associate Producer Tim Pulsmeier in statement on the company’s website. “The 1.01 update brings two new firearms, important fixes and performance optimisations, as well as a general overhaul to the controls scheme.”


“With each Platform Update, we’re aiming to expand the variety of content available in the game,” Pulsmeier said. “Our choice for 1.01 were two classic 7.62×39 rifles: the SK 59/66 and the CR-527, also supported by the introduction of the Hunting Scope!”

SK 59/66

A ten-shot semi-automatic rifle fed from an internal magazine. It is an older model, but still reliable, using 7.62x39mm rounds. Can be equipped with a PU scope and an improvised suppressor.


A bolt-action hunting rifle, fed from a detachable magazine. It’s light-weight and accurate when used at intermediate ranges. Uses 7.62x39mm rounds. Can be equipped with a Hunting Scope and an improvised suppressor.


Undesirable persistence wipes were definitely among the most annoying issues reported in the previous patch. With 1.01, the company is introducing a system of persistence backups that aims meant to prevent problems with saving of the persistence data on the servers.


“Good server performance is critical to ensure an enjoyable DayZ gameplay experience,” Pulsmeier said. “In 1.01, our programmers have made some solid progress on that front. Official servers running at full capacity with 60 concurrent players should no longer be witnessing flying cars and other shenanigans on a regular basis.”

The company also made definite improvements when it comes to client-side performance (FPS) during several stages of the game.


“As a first step towards balancing the health and damage systems, we’ve added new icon status indicators that better communicate bleeding damage and the effect of medication (for example, the vitamins will now boost your immune system),” Pulsmeier said. 

The designers also made some adjustments to the player damage, with the most visible example being the reintroduction of a bleeding damage penalty when walking barefoot. Furthermore, they removed the chance variable for bleeding damage dealt by bullets. Now, every bullet scratch causes bleeding 100 percent of the time.


Developers also reworked the controls scheme to fit the multitude of actions possible in DayZ to the controller. That includes the new mechanics for leaning and holding breath:

  • press RB/LB when you are in a raised stance with a firearm, to lean around corners
  • if you are in a raised stance with fists (or melee), press RB and LB to execute a dodge move
  • hold Left Stick when in iron sight to hold your breath and aim more precisely
DayZ - Basic Controller Scheme

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