Zombie films

Top Five Underrated Zombie Movies For Your Movie Night

By: M.L. Lewis

Summer is full of crazy weather. From unbearable heatwaves to never-ending rain storms summer is a mess of weather. What a better way to wait out extreme weather than with a movie marathon, and nothing tops a good zombie film binge. You could watch the same old, same old again like 28 Days later or your favorite Dead flick, or you could be adventurous and try something new. The films listed in this article are great, but never received the coverage Land of the Dead ever got. They are definitely worth at least one viewing from you.

  1. Thr33 Days Dead

Is a small, low budget film that takes place in Jasper, Alabama. It’s about three buddies who go on a fishing trip, just to return home to see zombies have taken over in their absence. The three must now fight there way home. The film had a brief showing on the ScyFy network and the making of the film was shown on the reality show Town of the Living Dead which aired on the same channel in 2014. Director John Ware has been hinting around towards a sequel, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

  1. Cockneys Vs. Zombies

A British comedy featuring the fictional Cockney family. The film starts with a group of construction workers accidentally unleashing a group of walking from an ancient tomb. The zombie makes their way to a nursing home where an elderly man named Henry and other residents bunker down in the kitchen and wait for rescue. Henry’s family stops there plan to rob a bank and rush to his aide on the East Side of London.

  1. Exit Humanity

This is a more serious film then Cockneys Vs. Zombies. It’s about a young man who returns home to rebuild his life after the Civil War has ended. Shortly after the war ended an unknown viral outbreak spurs a zombie uprising. While struggling to survive among the undead Edward Young’s wife is killed and shortly after his son goes missing. Edward decides to go on a ferocious journey through the country to find his son while battling the living an unliving.

  1. Black Sheep

This unique Austrailian film uses a strange new type of zombie. Henry returns to sell his share of the family’s sheep farm to his brother Angus. Henry developed a crippling fear of sheep after a terrible prank played on him shortly after his father’s death. While catching up on old times Henry discovers his brother Angus has been doing bizarre genetic experiments on they sheep turning them into vicious carnivores. It doesn’t take long for the sheep to break out and attack humans.

1. Zoombies

Another crazy zombie/animal crossover film. This made-for-TV movie takes place in a safari park called the Eden Wildlife Zoo. As a new crew of college interns arrives for there orientation tour a group of monkey fall ill from a strange virus. While at the medical center they turn into zombies and attack the vets, killing two before escaping into the park. Just as the tour begins park officials quickly lock down the park as the virus spreads through the zoo infecting all the animals in sight.

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