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Babaroga revitalizes classic Zombies!!! on iOS

The thing about zombies is they don’t stay dead. The same can be said for zombie movies and games. Fans of the tabletop game Zombies!!! will be happy to learn that Babaroga has brought the game back to life for iOS.

It’s the same zombie killing action that made Twilight Creations’ original qrLZWZCA0o24zZyKvMEZ3P5f11X_XUg2rXMu4MWB8qotitle a hit with gamers , but now with animations,  3D environments and over-the-top action. And at $4.99 USD, it’s available for a fraction of the board game.

Zombies!!! started as a board game by Twilight Creations back in 2001 – an awesome board game, which we frequently found ourselves staying up until the wee-hours of the night to play,” said Andreja Djokovic, CEO of Babaroga. “Eventually, someone said ‘if this were a video game, we could play anytime we want without ever accidentally bumping the game table and ruining everything.’ I think it was said soon after someone bumped the table. Fortunately, our zombie-hunting iOS friends don’t need to take up the entirety of their coffee table to play the hit board game anymore!”

Zombies!!! thrusts players into the middle of the action, as they try to escape the ever-advancing undead horde. Be the first to reach the helipad for rescue, or brave the undead and collect 25 kills to claim victory. Either way, players will have to strategically maneuver their way around the randomly generated map, securing the scarce resources integral to survival. The game also features 27 unique event cards (with original artwork by Dave Aikins) that allow players to reap temporary benefits, or hinder the progress of others – because after all, Zombies!!! is not a nice game. Play with up to four friends via pass-and-play, or try your luck against the relentless CPU’s.

Babaroga intends to add more content through future updates including a cross-platform online multiplayer component, funded through Kickstarter.

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