Zombie apocalypse would wipe out humankind in just 100 days, students calculate

A real-life zombie outbreak would leave the world’s population in shambles, with less than 300 survivors remaining a mere one hundred days into the apocalypse, according to students from the University of Leicester. Assuming that a zombie can find one person each day, with a 90 per cent chance of infecting victims with the zombie … Continue reading

Know your pandemics: Avian Flu

Avian influenza, or bird flu, is an infectious respiratory disease that affects a variety of birds. The various strains of virus that cause bird flu are generally categorized as high or low pathogenicity according to their ability to produce disease. The highly pathogenic strain H5N1 that is spreading in some parts of the world may … Continue reading investigates how a zombie pandemic would disrupt the U.S. banking industry

More than one fan of the zombie genre has daydreamed about the main upside to the apocalypse: total debt relief. Good credit, bad credit, no credit, it doesn’t matter if the world all comes to an end. But what if it isn’t a total apocalypse? What if the zombie apocalypse somehow manages to be contained … Continue reading

Are zombies real?

As a “prepper” and zombie enthusiast I get asked this question a lot. Or sometimes, I get asked, “You don’t really think zombies can happen, do you?” My stock answer is: No there are no zombies…yet. Theoretically, there are a number of things that could create a zombie like those we’ve become familiar with in … Continue reading