Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Alliance

Do you like zombies? Do you really, really like zombies? I mean do you think about zombies every day, examine every building you enter for its apocalypse potential, or have a mental list of the people you hope become members of the living dead? If so, the Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Alliance is the organization for you.



Q: What’s the purpose of ZAPA?

A. We want to create an organization for people to meet others who share their deep and abiding affection for zombies, not only as a pop culture phenomenon, but also a possible cause for an apocalypse. Our members will discuss zombies of popular fiction as well as the speculative nature of “real” zombies. We will also share practical tips for surviving in a doomsday scenario.


Q. I’m already a member of XYZ zombie club, can I join the ZAPA?

A. Sure! We don’t want to discriminate against anyone, even members of other zombie organizations. We look at it like this: when the crap hits the fan, we want to have as many friends as possible.


Q. What does it take to join?

A. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page. When we process your application, you will be billed $10.


Q: $10! What do I get for my money?

A: You get an individually numbered lifetime membership card, free enrollment in the Zombie Apocalypse Prepper Alliance Training Academy (ZAPATA), a free ZAPATA bracelet, zombie prepper stickers and access to our members-only forum.


Q: What’s the catch?

A: We don’t ship internationally, so you have to live in the United States to get the full benefits package. International zombies fans looking to join can do so, however. They’ll get their membership card electronically, have forum access and be admitted to the academy. They just won’t get stickers or a bracelet.

Q: Is this club exclusively online?

A: Yes. For now. As membership grows, the plan is to connect people in the same general area into local chapters that can meet in person for even more fun and zombie love.

Q: Where’s the application form?

A: Here

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